Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcome to my blog

I made this blog a year ago, hoping to show everyone my creations. Then I got scared thinking "oh, my pictures aren't good enough". But now I've decided to try hard and make posts anyway. I am not a professional, I don't have fancy dishes in which to display my food, but I'll do my best to show you what I make.

I like baking since a long time. I really enjoy it. When I'm stressed I can bake for hours in order to calm down myself. The first thing I baked was a yogurt cake. We didn't had an oven at home, so my mom put it on the microwave for me (I was just 9 years old, couldn't cook it all by myself). It turned out like a rock. But we grated it, mixed it with some dulce de leche, then rolled it on shredded coconut and served it as little cake balls (here we call that "cocadas" they are usually made with chopped cookies).
I was a little disappointed on how the cake turned out, but the "cocadas" were a hit.
I think in baking as a way of demonstrating love because you need time for it. You need planning. Even if it's something quick. I like thinking about the person I am baking for, their favourite ingredients and how to match them. Searching recipes on the Internet or books and then thinking "I could make this for X, but switching U for W". Then preparing the ingredients, pre-heating the oven, having everything ready. When I bake I always think about someone and how much I care about that person. I put all that love and caring in there, along with the real ingredients.
Some time ago I wished becoming a baker, but then different events lead me to study sciences. I'm happy with my choice, and I can enjoy baking as a hobby. One that I want to show to others, so they can share my happiness over successful dishes, and my disappointment over the failed ones. Yes, I'm decided to post everything, even if it turns out being horrible and tasting bad, because I want this to be a journal, and I need to remember my mistakes in order to learn from them.
I hope I don't left this behind. I'll try to update at least once every week. Thank you to everyone who read this.