Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Yeah. Hi! I think I am back.

I think I must apologize to my imaginary readers, because I was gone for several months! Well, University took over me and I had troubles with two subjects that I must repeat next year, but I think I approved everything this term.

I was supposes to make a laboratory practice this semester, or this summer, but I was having doubts about whether I wanted to be a scientist or not. Then I started to read about a sea slug called Elysia chlorotica and now I am obsessed with that wonderful sea creature and I want to investigate it. My research lead me to discover that it was being investigated by a group in an University in U.S.A, and now I really want to go. It's like a need, but it really isn't. It's just that I am so amazed by that sea slug, so curious about it, that I feel I need to investigate it. I will talk to one of my tutors and ask him when I should go to study abroad. I remember him telling us the best time was for a PhD, but investigations don't last for ever and I have at least 3 years left to finish the Magister, and then I can go for a PhD. So I was thinking, go to Maine University and investigate this sea slug as my Magister thesis. So I need to consult that with a tutor. I will take his advice. I also want to ask him help on how to contact the person in charge of the investigation. I want to ask this person, in which area I should start focusing, since the wonderful thing about the sea slug is that it can make photosynthesis, as plants. Should I focus on algae, plants, mollusks?

I am a little worried, since their last publication was made on 2008. Maybe they already dropped that investigation line, and I would be left in a limbo, without knowing what to do, again. I really hope they haven't given up, because there are so many interesting things about this creature. Here is a website about it if you wish to know a little more http://sbe.umaine.edu/symbio/

And that is, really summarized, what has been going on with my life lately. I will come with more food soon.

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  1. Why don't you write them directly ? Don't be shy ! That is was I did about a year ago and I ended up with a PhD position :)